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Personal Power Academy


The vision that drives Personal Power Academy is supporting soul-driven individuals to set themselves free from mindset and emotional obstacles that get in their way of experiencing the motion of inspiration, inner peace, authenticity, and personal power in their lives!


PPA offers building block modules that transform self-worth undermining, insecurity-inducing mindsets into inspiration, authenticity, inner peace, personal power, and... spiritual growth


Make use of mindful journaling reflections, videos, guided meditations, and small group coaching calls (for the VIP option) to get your life on the track of inspiration, authenticity, inner peace, and personal power!


with Bozena Zawisz, Counseling Psychologist/Readers' Favorites Gold Medalist Author in Biblical Counseling Genre.


Personal Power VIP Journey
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Whether you would like to: 

  • Find freedom from insecurity-inducing mindsets as you learn to re-focus on what matters to you most, grounding your being in inspiration, authenticity, inner peace, and personal power,

  • learn to make use of mindful journaling and guided reflection as a roadmap for connecting with your being, 

  • stop giving away your personal power in interpersonal interactions, instead practice showing up with empowerment, authenticity, and connection,

  • nourish a closer relationship with your authentic self as you embark on a 4-week journey of exploration and growth, culminating in a bonus spirituality module (week 5);

​Let me now tell you about the tools and support that Personal Power Academy offers...


Personal Power VIP Journey
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By the end of this program you will:


  • Module 1: Get creative in constructing your unique personal power mindset, with the help of mindful journaling exercises and other course resources such as guided meditations; leading to rapid transformations in your experience of self-worth, personal power, confidence, and control. 

  • Module 2: Learn best-practice journaling techniques for transforming key emotional and mindset roadblocks into personal power. Learn to make use of mindful journaling and guided reflection as a roadmap for connecting with your being. Experience being caught up in the motion. 

  • Module 3: Learn to manifest personal power in interpersonal interactions, showing up with empowerment, authenticity, and connection. 

  • Module 4: Put into practice a variety of evidence-based mindfulness strategies for healthy and empowered ways of relating to your inner experiences. Experience the motion of inspiration, joy, inner peace, love, and authenticity in your life, that springs forth from being grounded in the present moment.

  • Module 5 (bonus module): Explore the relationship between personal power and spirituality. Explore spiritual growth in your unique life's circumstances.

"...Bozena has a gift of truly transforming women by breaking the shackles of self-doubt and conditioning..."

Personal Power Academy Member


"Bozena creates a safe and positive environment, in which she listens, helps to get to the root causes and provides very useful handles towards a positive life.”

Anonymous Testimony

Let the Personal Power (and beyond) Journey Begin. About Me...


If we haven't bumped into one another at Officeworks, Australia's leading stationary supply store (I'm the mother of two young boys trying to steal a few moments in the journal and notebook isle)—

Hi, I'm Bozena. I'm a counseling psychologist, passionate about supporting individuals to transform their insecurities and unhelpful mindsets; Not only so they can show up with authenticity and personal power, but more importantly so they can venture beyond focusing on insecurities into higher realms, such as getting swept up in the motion of inspiration, purpose, joy, creativity, inner peace, and spirituality....  

My clients come to realize that personal power is the spring-board foundation they didn't realize they desperately needed.  I love supporting them in learning to (firstly) relish control over their mindset, self-worth, and inner experience; watching them re-connect with their unique confidence and personal power glow! Then, venture further along their journey, to nourish higher consciousness and inspiration in their lives.

I also derive much spiritual sustenance from depths of Christian spirituality, and whenever I get asked about the secret to my health I am happy to disclose about adding Polish pickles to most things I eat! 

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(Step-by-step proven roadmap for nourishing confidence, authenticity, and personal power; using mindful journaling techniques)


Personal Power Academy

Self-Paced Online Course, with 4-week email support

$199 (limited time) 


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What’s Inside Personal Power Academy


Module 1

Setting your personal power mindset right

Module 1 is Personal Power Academy's foundation module, that gets straight to work on setting your mindset right for showing up with authenticity and confidence.  Learn about the emotional reactions and perceptions that make up the "less than" and "personal power" mindsets. Learn about their origins and triggers and explore journaling tools for consistently tapping into the personal power mindset. 


Module 2

Empowered Coping

With over two decades of counseling experience I am too familiar with what my clients' barriers are to emotional wellness. Module 2 identifies and breaks them down.

Get deeper insight into the role of emotions in our brain, how emotional patterns are laid down, and why emotion is essential to your decision making process.

Module 2 bursts the most commonly encountered myths about emotions. Enjoy calming guided mindfulness meditations that reinforce a healthy way of relating to your feelings and a powerful mindful journaling exercises that supports you in feeling empowered about coping with emotions...


Module 3

Empowered Relationships

Module 3 explores ways of nurturing empowered coping within relationships, whether professional, personal, or romantic; that lead to experiences of self-worth, confidence, and emotional wellbeing. It explores familiar consequences of the types of emotional reactions and coping patterns that we are likely to respond with if we are not in touch with our self-worth and personal power. 

It then guides participants through mindful journaling exercises that teach responding to others from a place of high self-worth, even within fault-finding or critical interactions.

Module 4

Empowered Mindfulness

Module 4 delves into the relationship between Mindfulness and Personal Power, inspired by my extensive experience with teaching guided mindfulness relaxations and seeing their life-changing benefits. Module 4 teaches research-based best mindfulness techniques to strengthen the mindset and coping practices taught in the previous modules, including engaging in creativity. Experience the motion of inspiration, joy, inner peace, and authenticity in your life, that springs forth from being grounded in the present moment.


Module 5

Personal Power and Spirituality

Module 5 is Personal Power Academy's Bonus Module. Explore the relationship between personal power and spirituality, in your unique life's circumstances.

Personal Power VIP Journey
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Plus These Bonuses


Bonus 1

Email support

I included the email support bonus into the course offer, so that you have access to my support around any urgent questions that come up for you.

($400 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 4-week email support for the Personal Power Academy (Self-Paced) Online Course
  • 10-week email support for the Personal Power VIP Journey Option
  • 10-week Facebook Group Community Support for the Personal Power VIP Journey Option

Your 7-day Risk Free Guarantee

Personal Power Academy's Online Program is designed to be a comprehensive, research-based, step-by-step roadmap for  consistently showing up with authenticity and personal power (think self-worth, confidence, and control), using mindful journaling techniques. Then, venturing beyond focusing on insecurities into higher realms, such as getting swept up in the motion of inspiration, purpose, joy, creativity, inner peace, and spirituality....  


Each module includes a video presentation, a worksheet PDF, and additional resources. These require a time investment to complete. However, the course has life-access, meaning that participants can download the content and work through the personal power journey at their own pace.

The first week of the program will give you an opportunity to experience and work through the first module. 

If you find that the program is not the right fit for you, you are welcome to get in touch within 7 days and request a no-question refund. The wellbeing of my students is of utmost importance and what I care about the most is my students gaining life-changing value and results from this program. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Still thinking about it?


You can give the Personal Power Academy's Online Program a 7-day risk-free shot, if you are interested in:

  1. Putting into practice mindful journaling techniques to solidify your foundation of self-worth, personal power, and confidence; and connect with your being.

  2. Learning best-practice journaling techniques for overcoming key emotional and mindset roadblocks to inner peace.

  3. Learning to manifest a personal power mindset within relationships, showing up with empowerment, authenticity, and connection.

  4. Putting into practice evidence-based mindfulness strategies for healthy and empowered ways of relating to your inner experience, including engaging in creativity.

  5. Nourishing a closer connection with your spirituality as you embark on a journey of exploration and growth!
Personal Power VIP Journey
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Conceal it, Don't feel it, Don't let it show... A Personal Note...


This year I am turning 43. From head to toe, I feel fabulous. My life is not "perfect," but on the inside, it does feel like it. I feel beautiful, at peace, loved. I am surrounded by nurturing friendships that mean the world to me. Most importantly, I feel a connection with my voice and faith, and I express my authenticity creatively and with ease.


This hasn't always been the case for me. A long time ago, I didn't understand what personal power was.


In any case, it did not seem relevant as I was more interested in securing the approval of a potential husband, thinking that I would find emotional fulfillment in a secure commitment, or in things outside of myself... P.s. I did not, not even close! Just like a cliché, I first needed to find self worth within myself before finding fulfilling relationships with like-minded, soul-driven, authentic tribe members.


And then there was my people pleasing disposition that I was so "talented" at. Literally EVERYBODY liked me, a LOT.... 


The approval felt good, but led me astray from owing my personal power.

"Conceal it, don't feel, don't let it show," Elsa's famous lyrics were my own unofficial motto (especially in church!)


My personal power journey went hand in hand with my love of mindful journalingmy go-to tool for reclaiming control over my inner peace, empowering mindset, and emotional fulfilment.


As is bound to happen along the people pleasing/personal power journey, one day we stop and think: What about me?! (No, this is NOT selfish).


And this is where Personal Power Academy comes in—with the aim to serve and support individuals (whether they are CEO's, work at home moms, or anything and everything in between) to manifest ever greater levels of confidence, authenticity, emotional fulfillment, and personal power in their lives! (within Christian values).


That's the starting objective of the Personal Power Journey. As stated in the introduction, once individuals find freedom from mindset and emotional obstacles that get in their way of personal power,  they are more available to experience the motion of inspiration, joy, inner peace, love, authenticity, and spirituality in their lives! Which is what the second part of the Personal Power journey explores in Module 4 and bonus Module 5. 


If Personal Power Academy resonates with you I cannot wait to support you inside the program. Be sure to grab your favorite journal and pen, and I look forward to connecting with you shortly!


With Love and Support, 



Official Bio: I have credentials and literary achievements behind my belt (MA Psych, Post Grad Dip Psych, Post Grad Cert Peace and Conflict Studies, Gold Medalist in Readers' Favorite Biblical Counseling Genre); however, my biggest asset in putting together the Personal Power Academy is the privilege of having two decades of taking the inner strength, inner peace, and wellbeing of my clients to new heights... 

WHY did I choose a targeted program for helping my clients nurture their Personal Power as the focus of my vocation?

Here are my 2 personal reasons:

1.  As a mother of two, I appreciate the importance of cherishing my each and every moment with my loved ones; my boys continually inspire me to give the best of myself, personally and professionally. I appreciate the self-esteem and satisfaction that comes from showing up in our lives with our best selves, connected to what inspires us and gives up strength!

2. I believe that strengthening my clients' personal power empowers them to take power away from anything in their lives that does not resonate with their best selves!

I've experienced, over and again, the life-changing transformations that come with nourishing greater levels of personal power, which I long to keep on sharing with others. I hope you will accept this risk-free invitation to be a part of the Personal Power Academy and  I cannot wait to be a part of your life-changing journey!

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Personal Power Academy

Self-Paced Online Course, with 4-week email support.

$199 (limited time)

Personal Power VIP Journey