Personal Power Academy 

Step-by-step roadmap for nurturing new heights of Personal Power!

Personal Power Academy is an online step-by-step transformation program by Award-Winning Author/Counseling Psychologist Bozena Zawisz, for nurturing new heights of Personal Power!


What Personal Power is and is not...


Personal power is NOT about feeling superior, selfish, dominant, un-spiritual, or controling...

It is about taking control of your mindset, coping, and goals; and an emotional experience of worth, inner peace, and inner strength...


Before I tell you more about this life-changing program, let me tell you who it is for:


  • Personal Power Academy is for those individuals who are ready to experience greater inner peace and freedom from excessive anxiety and stress, or from being affected by others' negativity, judgement, or disapproval.

  • Personal Power Academy is for those individuals who would love to experience more powerful and confident mindset, and are happy to invest some time to nurture a nourishing connection with their best selves!


    Whether you would like to experience: 


  • giving away less of your personal power to external influences like other people's reactions/judgements

  • feeling less held back by challenging emotions such as anxiety

  • feeling more grounded in your being and inner peace


You are in the right place!  Let me now tell you about the tools, strategies, and support that Personal Power Academy offers for your journey towards showing up with new heights of personal power!



By the end of this program

you will learn strategies to take charge of your personal power mindset and inner experience, and:


  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of what the emotional and mental barriers to personal power are and how to overcome them


  • Constructed your unique personal power mindset


  • Felt empowered about knowing how to cope with challenging inner experiences

    ...Learning best practices for empowered coping with challenging emotions, grounded in biology and neurology.


  • Learned to manifest a personal power mindset within relationships


  • Put into practice tailor-made mindfulness strategies

"...Bozena has a gift of truly transforming women by breaking the shackles of self-doubt and conditioning..."

Hanna, I.

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(Step-by-step roadmap for overcoming  mental and emotional barriers to showing up with Personal Power)


Personal Power Academy

Self-Paced Online Course, with 4-week email support

$199 (limited time) 


...Bozena really knows the hearts of her clients...


- Crystal Mary Lindsey, Author


...helps you explore your inner workings, how to become more confident, look at your body differently, and develop successful coping strategies. There is much to explore here, highly recommend...

- Amazon Reviewer


What’s Inside Personal Power Academy


Module 1

Setting your personal power mindset right

Module 1 is Personal Power Academy's foundation module, that gets straight to work on setting your mindset right for personal and professional success.  Learn about the emotional reactions and perceptions that make up the "less than" and "personal power" mindsets. Learn about their origins and triggers and what you can do to keep tapping into the personal power mindset. 


Module Highlights:

  • Identify the origins of feeling "less than" mindset and learn techniques to transform it
  • Learn to consistently tap into the personal power mindset 
Module 2

Empowered Coping

With over two decades of counseling experience I am too familiar with what my clients' barriers are to emotional wellness. Module 2 identifies and breaks them down.

Get deeper insight into the role of emotions in our brain, how emotional patterns are layed down, and why emotion is essential to your decision making process.

Module 2 bursts the most commonly encountered myths about emotions. Enjoy the guided mindfulness meditation that reinforces a healthy way of relating to your feelings (while tapping into inner peace and self-care) and a powerful mindful journaling exercise that supports you in feeling empowered about coping with emotions...


Module Highlights:
  • Identify barriers to emotional wellness and break them down
  • Get deeper insight into the role of emotion in decision making 
  • Enjoy feeling empowered about how to cope with challenging inner experiences
Module 3

Empowered Relationships

Module 3 explores ways of nurturing empowered coping within relationships, whether professional, personal, or romantic; that lead to experiences of self-worth, confidence, and emotional wellbeing. It explores familiar consequences of the types of emotional reactions and coping patterns that we are likely to respond with if we are not in touch with our personal power. 

It then guides participants through mindful journaling exercises to practice responding to others from a place of high self-worth, even within fault-finding or critical interactions. Module 3 will guide you through strategies to help you show up in your responses and coping from a place of self-worth and personal power. 

Module Highlights:

  • Learn about a variety of most commonly encountered coping strategies within relationships, that take away from personal power 
  • Learn effective communication strategies that nourish relationship wellbeing, as well as personal power
  • Learn to tap into an experience of self-worth, regardless of what else is happening within the relationship
Module 4

Empowered Mindfulness

Module 4 delves into the relationship between Mindfulness and Personal Power, inspired by my extensive experience with teaching guided mindfulness relaxations and seeing their life-changing benefits. Module 4 teaches research-based best mindfulness techniques to strengthen the mindset and coping practices taught in the previous modules, such as increasing our awareness of empowering parts of our personality. Supplementing the video presentation is a pdf worksheet and guided mindfulness meditation.

Module Highlights:

  • Get clear about the relationship between mindfulness and personal power
  • Find out which mindfulness techniques strengthen the personal power mindset

Course Highlights


  • Experience greater inner peace and freedom from excessive anxiety and stress, or from being affected by others' negativity, judgement, or disapproval

  • Experience more powerful and confident mindset as you learn about the origins and triggers of feeling "less-than" and "personal power" mindsets
  • Learn powerful mindful journaling exercises for empowered coping 
  • Nurture empowered ways of responding and coping within relationships, that lead to experiences of self-worth, confidence, and emotional wellbeing


You will be given access to one module per week, to give you ample time to work through attached PDF worksheets and any additional homework exercises such as guided meditations, before moving on to the next module.

This will help you to feel confident in your ability to work through the course without any overwhelm!

Plus These Bonuses


Bonus 1

Email support

I included the email support bonus into the course offer, so that you have access to my support around any urgent questions that come up for you, to ensure a successful progress through this course.

($400 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 4-week email support for the Personal Power Academy (Self-Paced) Online Course 
Bonus 2

Complementary Coaching Session

For a very limited-time, I feel very excited about being able to offer a 1:1 45-60 min Skype coaching session, to discuss your progress through the course as well as overcoming hindrances to your wellbeing. All of my students will receive a personalized invitation to connect with my via Scype in week 2 (if enrolled before 01/02/2020). 

($250 Value)



Your 7-day Risk Free Guarantee

Personal Power Academy's Online Program is designed to be a comprehensive, research-based step-by-step roadmap for  identifying and overcoming mental and emotional barriers to showing up with Personal Power!

Each module includes a video presentation, a worksheet PDF, and additional resources. These require a time investment to complete. However, the course has life-access, meaning that participants can download the content and work through the personal power journey at their own pace.

The first week of the program will give you an opportunity to experience and work through the first module. 

If you find that the program is not the right fit for you, you are welcome to get in touch within 7 days and request a no-question refund.

Frequently Asked Questions


Still thinking about it?


You can give the Personal Power Academy's Online Program a 7-day risk-free shot, if you are motivated by any of the following:

  1. You long for the self-esteem and fulfillment that comes from showing up in your family and professional life with your best self, and a connection to what inspires you and gives you strength!
  2. You would love to experience greater inner peace and freedom from excessive anxiety and stress, or from being effected by others' negativity, judgement, or disapproval.
  3. You would love to experience more powerful and confident mindset, and are happy to invest some time to nurture a nourishing connection with your best self!

I can’t wait for you to join Personal Power Academy's Online Course


Yes, I have the credentials and literary achievements behind my belt (MA Psych, Post Grad Dip Psych, Post Grad Cert Peace and Conflict Studies, Gold Medalist in Readers' Favorite Biblical Counseling Genre); however my biggest asset in putting together the Personal Power Academy is the privilege of having two decades of taking the inner strength, inner peace, and wellbeing of my clients to new heights... 

I'm not short on personal experience, either...

As a young adult, I was intimately familiar with the experience of feeling “less-than,” due to a combination of numerous financial and emotional tolls that ours, like so many immigrant families, faced upon arrival to Australia (and that's just the start.)

 My favorite coping used to be placating, putting too much weight on what others thought and felt, and not enough on my own inner experience and self-development... 

There isn't a mental and emotional mindset block which I had not worked through within myself, before helping countless others... 


So, WHY did I choose a targeted program for helping my clients nurture their Personal Power as the focus of my vocation?

Here are my 2 personal reasons:

1.  As a mother of two, I appreciate the importance of cherishing my each and every moment with my loved ones; my boys continually inspire me to give the best of myself, personally and professionally. I appreciate the self-esteem and satisfaction that comes from showing up in our lives with our best selves, connected to what inspires us and gives up strength!

2. I always felt a particular sense of fulfillment from supporting others who are impacted by the weight of past circumstances or less than nourishing relationships; I believe that strengthening my clients' personal power  empowers them to take power away from anything in their lives that does not resonate with their best selves!

I've experienced, over and again, the life-changing transformations that come with nourishing greater levels of personal power, which I long to keep on sharing with others. I hope you will accept this risk-free invitation to be a part of the Personal Power Academy and  I cannot wait to be a part of your life-changing journey!



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Personal Power Academy

Self-Paced Online Course, with 4-week email support.

$199 (limited time)

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