From People Pleasing to Personal Power Formula.


How to empower yourself to take back control of your confidence and mindset.



with Bozena Zawisz Psychologist/Award-Winning Author

This Masterclass is for those who can relate to any of the following (whether in one particular area of their lives, or many):


Do you find yourself confusing your self-worth with other people's opinions about you?


Do you find yourself allowing other people to have influence over your inner peace? 


Do you find yourself doubting your abilities and questioning if you are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough?


Do you find yourself slipping into negative self-talk when something sets you back or you fail at something that's important to you?


Do you find yourself distracted with unhelpful thoughts that pull you away from your purpose—stifling what brings your joy?

""...Bozena has a gift of truly transforming women by breaking the shackles of self-doubt and conditioning...""

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What stands between you and greater levels of personal power?

If any of these sound like you, in one or many areas of your life, this masterclass (grounded in biology as well as psychological techniques) will give you practical strategies for overcoming these barriers.

Regain control of your mindset, focus, and inner peace with authenticity and full confidence that you are best when you 'do you'.

A Note From The Instructor...

As a young adult, my people pleasing disposition was something I was very "talented" at. Literally EVERYBODY liked me, a LOT.... I excelled at being everything to everyone, with a permanent smile and positive attitude. "Bozenka is an ANGEL" went the general consensus.


The approval felt good, but led me astray from owing my personal power—and got me into a stack of uncomfortable situations with the opposite sex.

My late teenage years and early adulthood were my most insecure, anxious parts of my life.  

I wasn't as good at setting boundaries, or communicating my authentic opinions... Paradoxically, the more I longed for a future partner's commitment, and tried to earn it with an attitude "I am here to please and make you happy," the less I received it. I let my emotions be affected by people's opinions and reactions...  "Conceal it, don't feel, don't let it show," Elsa's famous lyrics were my own unofficial motto (especially in church!)


If you can relate to parts of my story, or would simply like to take your confidence and wellbeing to new heights, I'm sure you will find much value in the upcoming masterclass.


Why, you may ask, is it important to manifest greater levels of confidence and authenticity in our lives?


Once we are free from mindset and emotional obstacles that get in our way of our personal power,  we are more available to experience the motion of self-actualizing experiences such as inspiration, love, and spirituality in our lives! Which is the ultimate vision for this Masterclass, and my work.


So, be sure to grab your favorite journal and pen, and I look forward to connecting with you shortly!


Warmest Regards,