Free Christian Psychology Masterclass

Secrets to Building a Lasting, Unshakeable Foundation of Personal Power/Self Worth


with Counseling Psychologist/Readers' Favorites Gold Medalist in Biblical Counseling, Bozena Zawisz


"Only your thoughts can constrain you; Only your fear can limit you!" (Williamson, M; Paraphrase)

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


simple techniques for tapping into a foundation of personal power

 ...that you can apply asap


how to stay grounded in inner calm

...resilient against giving away your power to external influences


best-practice techniques for overcoming key emotional road blocks to inner peace



research-based techniques, sprinkled with Christian Psychology insight 

Bozena has a gift of truly transforming women by breaking the shackles of self-doubt and conditioning...

Hanna, I.

Can you imagine the emotional rewards of staying consistently grounded in the resilient foundation of personal power?


What do most of my clients want the most? What do You want the most?


To FEEL happy, not weighed down by hurt and worries? To enjoy harmonious relationships? To feel proud of who you are?


In my early 20s I wanted all of these as well! Like most young women, I thought that looking attractive and securing a committed relationship were ways to go about it. 


My early 20s ended up being the saddest part of my life.

At the time, I didn’t realize that PERSONAL POWER was the foundation I desperately needed. I most likely didn’t know what the heck this term even meant… 


My identity was nowhere near the assertive, no nonsense woman who took charge and was not afraid to say NO, who stood up for her and others' rights, who was not intimidated by others’ reactions, and felt grounded in a foundation of high self-worth, inner peace, and strength.


Do you want to FEEL happy, not weighed down by hurt and worries? Enjoying harmonious relationships? Feeling  proud of who you are?

Personal power journey is the road-map to get there. Most of my clients come to realize that it is the foundation they didn’t know they desperately needed.


The stakes of forgoing ones personal power are high. You can lose yourself in the process of chasing happiness in things outside of your self, and paradoxically, be less likely to find it... Your inner experience is more likely to yo yo and feel more overwhelming. Your relationships are less likely to be mutually supportive and considerate, fulfilling. You may fall short of showing up with your best self in your life, personally and professionally.


If you would like to find out more about how to nourish a strong foundation of personal power in your life, I invite you to join me in the "Secrets to Building a Lasting, Unshakeable Foundation of Personal Power" masterclass.


Be sure to grab a notebook and pen, and I look forward to connecting with you inside the masterclass! Can't make the allocated time? Webinar replay will be emailed following the webinar :-).


With Love,



A Note From Instructor...

Hi, Bozena here. I am a counseling psychologist (MA Psych), Readers' Favorites Gold Medalist Author in Biblical Counseling (Liberating Inner Eve), and a busy mom... I have the credentials and literary achievements behind my belt however my greatest asset in putting together this Masterclass is the privilege of having two decades of taking the self worth, inner peace, and wellbeing of my (mostly female) clients to new heights...

Something I love supporting women around the most, is helping them to supplement their valuable caring roles with being connected to their personal power, self-worth, inner calm, and all that gives them inspiration and strength. And, free-er from insecurities that are often a result of getting overly distracted by looking outside of themselves for validation and wellbeing...  


Are you as excited as I am to take part in the Secrets to Building a Lasting, Unshakeable Foundation of Personal Power/Self Worth Masterclass?


See you there shortly,

With Love,